Criminals have more rights than victims!



March 6, 20173

Criminals have more rights than victims! – Image – Crime SA
The UN has conducted research on the victims of crime which shows the picture of South African crime as more typical of a developing country.

The source of criminality is not poverty. It is not gender. It is not race. It is not lack of education. It is not society. It is self-interest.

Criminals, although occasionally predatory, are primarily scavengers. While they often turn predator, by nature they are more often prey than predators. It is literally a matter of life or death for them to only choose ‘safe victims’. The magnitude and extremes to which a criminal is willing to go are unbelievable to most people. It is both shocking and unnerving when we encounter someone who doesn’t follow moral rules about controlling one’s selfishness.

How a criminal sees you as the victim. You have the right…

Not to be treated humanely
To be hurt, abused and attacked
To suffer mental anguish and trauma
To feel powerless and humiliated
To experience denial, disbelief, and anger

The criminal believes HE HAS THE RIGHT;

To show no mercy
To do what he wants
Take whatever he wants
Use and abuse however he sees fit

And then IF he ever gets caught… He knows that under the Bill of Rights, HE HAS THE RIGHT:

To equality
Not to be tortured
Not to be punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading (insulting) way
To dignity
To exercise
To adequate (satisfactory) accommodation
To adequate nutrition
To adequate medical treatment

A criminal awaiting trial has the right to be presumed innocent:

EVEN IF – He is accused of a very serious crime (e.g. rape or murder)
EVEN IF – Has been refused bail
EVEN IF – There is strong evidence to show that he IS GUILTY

Contrary to what you might think, criminals do not spend weeks planning how to attack. While it might be a matter of days between deciding where to strike, it might be a matter of minutes, or the strategy developed on the spot. They’ve come prepared to engage in overwhelming violence to achieve their goal.

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