Guilty by Association


Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

May 17, 20170

Guilty by Association – Image – Die Vryburger
I was watching eNCA’s Checkpoint last night. A program on Coligny.

A couple of things struck me and made me realize that it is late in the day for this country. It is a quarter to midnight, and time is running out…

An elderly black gentleman was interviewed. He has a couple of cattle, it was said he was a farmer. I am not sure if he has his own farm or just let his cattle graze wherever he sees a piece of grass.

Anyway, what he said is worrying. He said the white people of Coligny were attacked, NOT because they are guilty of something themselves. They were attacked “because they are guilty by association.”

He was referring to the two white men who are accused of killing a 16-year-old boy, although the two white men said that he jumped off a moving bakkie. Therefore, in his mind, he apparently believes and is convinced that you can attack all people in the town, just because of the perceived crimes of two white men, although they certainly have the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

He did not say if the Indian townspeople, and Bangladeshi and other foreign nationals whose property have also been destroyed are also guilty by association.

The local farmer who employed the two white men has to be guarded by SAPS now, around the clock.

The elderly black gentleman said that as soon as the SAPS leave, the farmer will be attacked, and said the old black gentleman; the farmer’s land “must be given for us to farm.”

Now here something is clear to me. Some party is planting ideas in those African people’s heads. I only have two suspect parties in this regard, and one is Julius Malema and his red berets. We know the EFF is active in Coligny, and we are aware Malema has said on numerous occasions that land should be invaded. In fact, he has court cases running against him in that regard.

The local Zancster party has run the municipality into the ground and was facing service delivery protests, and so it would be very convenient for them to deflect attention away from themselves and start blaming whites.

Then I want to know if one farm is occupied, where it all will end. Certainly, it will spread like wildfire.

Who will be in charge on these farms? Will it be a free for all? Will it be collective farms? Will these farms be divided into a little block for everyone, like communal land in tribal areas?

Will it be like a situation straight out of the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, where the “oppressor” has been removed, and now the “oppressed “are all equal?

However, where a few leaders will step forward on the farm and say: Comrades, we are all equal, but we need leaders, so some of us will just be a little bit more equal than you.

We need to wake up fast, and realize that all of us have to do whatever we can to remove the klepto/ fascist Zupta cabal, as soon as possible- that cabal is poisoning and infecting the body politic, the collective national discourse.

We need to get the looters out so that more money can become available so that we can get more people like that elderly black gentleman settled legally on his own piece of land.

Do whatever you can. Join civil society groups like Save SA, OUTA, Afriforum, Helen Suzman Foundation. Try to become active citizens in your communities, join groups, and become politically active.

As I said: It is a quarter to twelve…

Opinion by Daniel Sutherland

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