How much South Africa’s kings and queens and traditional leaders will get paid in 2018


Government has published the official salaries it pays to kings, queens and other traditional leaders in South Africa for the 2018 financial year.

After a pay freeze in 2017, the majority of traditional leaders will see their salaries increase between 4.5% and 8%. This is in line with the increases given to ministers, MPs and other senior members of government gazetted late last year.

As of 2010, South Africa recognizes seven royal families in the country, after a recommendation by a traditional leadership commission that South Africa lose six of its kings and queens.

Of the 13 recognized traditional kingdoms recognized previously, only seven will remain once the current incumbent rulers of the identified kingdoms have passed away.

Traditional kings and senior leaders are symbolic figureheads in the country with little political power. However, these rulers play an important role in local disputes as well as in playing advisory roles to government – as well as in the lives of the traditional rural populations.

All these traditional leaders are paid by the South African government.

Note: NHTL = National House of Traditional Leaders | PHTL = Provincial House of Traditional Leaders

Previous salary (Rands)
New salary (Rands)
Percentage Increase
1 126 057
1 176 730
Chairperson: NHTL
817 842
858 734
Full Time Chairperson: PHTL
673 603
707 284
Deputy Chairperson: NHTL
625 524
656 800
Full Time Deputy Chairperson: PHTL
577 281
606 145
Full Time Member: NHTL
356 923
 378 339
Full Time Member: PHTL
305 959
 324 317
Senior Traditional Leader
228 650
 246 942
96 460
 106 106