Take Mandela’s London statue Down! Posters exposing Nelson Mandela as a terrorist hung all over British capital



Nathan Reade October 7, 2017


“Mandela’s statue has to come down. He was a terrorist and along with his Marxist backers is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, the genocide of the White South African and destruction of the country they built. Because of him, white south Africans are facing extinction. We won’t let that happen.” British Renaissance Policy Institute official position/Jack Sen founder


Anti-Mandela & anti-Marxist posters and protests are cropping up all over London

Over the past few months members the British Renaissance Policy Institute (BRPI), founded by former UKIP and BNP politician Jack Sen, have been targeting the British government’s support of grooming gangs (covered across the globe on Fox news, the Daily Caller, Jihad Watch etc) , the demographic displacement of the country’s indigenous English population, and the Labour Party’s penchant for pederasty, paedophilia and sexual deviance.

Now BRPI activists have travelled to London to expose the anti-white madness of allowing Nelson Mandela and Karl Marx’s statues to remain on British soil. Several protests, where BritRen activists left leaflets, hung placards and made their mark took place in the early hours of Saturday morning. We discussed BRPI’s motivation for the protests by phone this morning with organisation founder, Jack Sen.

“These Left wing criminals are targeting our history, want to kill people like us off in the process. We won’t allow this.” Sen told us over the phone. “None of my men will rest until Mandela and Marx are exposed for the criminals they are. We are going to continue to up the ante until the Left leaves our statues alone or something gives. We won’t budge. Just like the Taliban targeted Buddha, society-destroying Leftists are targeting statues of Admiral Nelson even Gandhi. We are not going to allow this on our watch. Nathan Reade, one BritRen’s most important activists demonstrated this with his actions this morning.”

Early this morning, Reade and his team of activists headed into central London to protest statues of Karl Marx and Nelson Mandela. Protest organiser Nathan Reade discussed his motivation for the protests

“Three sites in London saw protests today: Highgate Cemetery where Karl Marx stands, the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank where a Mandela bust is housed and Parliament Square where a full figure statue of Mandela stands directly opposite the Houses of Parliament – which seems ironic considering he despised us British”

We asked Nathan why he took his men down to London.

There are several reasons why we travelled down from the Midlands to protest these statues.

Firstly, there was the Left’s attack on Charlottesville. How the Left are demanding statues commemorating Confederate heroes be torn down, the hysteria they exhibit towards anyone that objects and how they’re weaponising the black community. So firstly, we wanted to show support to our American brothers and sisters

Secondly we are here to show the Left we too can play. And a lot harder than they can. You want to take down Sir Admiral Nelson Cecil Rhodes? Not going to happen. We are here because vile Guardianista, Afua Hirsch, demanded we tear down Nelsons Column, or change it to suit the anti-white agenda.

Thirdly we want to highlight the hypocrisy. The Left’s love affair with Marx needs exposing. Wonder if Hirsch knows that Karl Marx was from a family of Jewish slave owners and actually advocated slavery. if she does, then why not demand his bust be taken down? That the Prophet Muhammad was a notorious slave owner yet we see more Mosques in London than any other city on earth. How dare you target our heroes!”

How far has this story gone? And in spite of being ignored by the mainstream media? Even phony right publications like Breitbart London (never trust an organisation run by anyone named Raheem Kassam) have ignored the story. Millions have seen it! On Jack Sen’s Facebook page alone there were 2000 shares reaching over 400k people.

The British Renaissance Policy Institute (BRPI), which receives funding from several american Alt Right organisations who were on the ground in Charlottesville, as well as white civil rights activist, John de Nugent, has cells across the country that act independently from one another. Sen was clear that he does not instruct cell leaders how they should act, what they should use the resources he allocates them on, and was clear when we spoke, that if they protest it must be within the confines of the law.

“My men will do what is necessary to see truth is exposed. Nelson Mandela was a terrorist, he was responsible along with his Jewish Marxist backers for the destruction of South Africa. Because of him, his ANC white south Africans are facing extinction.” BRPI founder, Jack Sen, told us.

What they are going to be doing moving forward, independently, and entirely on their own volition, yet under our BritRen banner, is inspiring.”

“We are nothing like National Action or the sorts of buffoons that terrorise school children on their way to the local pie shop. All of our work is done in the middle of the night and designed to keep the citizenry safe, with maximum impact in mind. National Action, who are in fact serving our masters by bringing genuine patriotism into disrepute, engage in their activities to create controversy and get people like us shut down. Nat Action works for Amber Rudd and the BBC while we work for the people. I do this in order to reach my countrymen, to wake them up and effectuate change.We need out of the EU, to see deviants purged from British politics and that the culturally unassimilable people raping our children go home. If I had my way I’d send the NatAction GCHQ agents with them. And again, I will not stop until the establishment stops destrying this country.”

For more information of how you can get involved in your area please write to europeanknights@europe.com or british.renaissance@yandex.ru

Additional exerpts from our interview with Nathan Reade

About his protest of Mandela

“I couldnt believe it. I was standing beneath a blood thirsty terrorist (Mandela) that slaughtered anyone who disagreed with him be it black or white. Be it shopping mall or church. His wife tortured a 14 year old black boy to death for goodness sake, and both he and his wife advocated the torture practice of Necklacing. Where a rubber tyres is placed over the head of a tied up individual, petrol poured into the tyre and set alight. We see this type of thing from ISIS but yet you and I are stood underneath this anti British terrorist statue. This guy isn’t the Grandfather of the rainbow nation but an evil communist who when in prison had the opportunity to denounce his violence and outright refused. He made life unbearable for both black and white South Africans. Life expectancy for black’s pre and post-apartheid was and is much lower than during apartheid. South Africa was once a huge exporter of food and now it’s hugely dependent on hand outs. South Africa was once one of the most prosperous nations on earth but now it’s riddled with aids and is the murder and rape capital of the world. For goodness sakes, being a white farmer in South Africa is now the most dangerous occupation in the world thanks to this vile man, more dangerous than serving on the front line in Afghanistan believe it or not”

When asked about South Africa and why it is important we never forget the good people that inhabit the country

“My word, could you imagine fleeing Europe due to religious persecution and seeking refuge in a desolate land. Within less than 90 years creating an economic power house then to later have this evil man above me whip up anti-white hysteria by order of his paymasters and destroy it all for everyone, then furthermore have those spineless cowards who serve opposite us *points to the Houses Of Parliament* actually support it because both them and this guy have the same pay masters”

“We are most definitely here to highlight this communists actions and demand this statue is taken down, some of our boys are over at the Royal Festival Hall doing the same there, but we also want to show support to our white South African brothers and sisters who are being slaughtered on mass. We definitely want to highlight their plight and demand that we take in genuine refugees. We want to demand we take in Boer refugees that are being slaughter on mass for simply being white and continually ignored by our Jewish media”

“Could you image the good folk of the Boers entering Britain? They would assimilate as easily as they have done in the past, and in large areas of places like London, Birmingham, Bradford etc. where there is zero diversity apart from that of brown peoples and Islamic culture. We could place those refugees in areas such as those and convert Mosques into Churches, we could see whole high streets transformed from exclusively Asian restaurants, chicken shops, banks and travel agents and diversify those areas with large waves of the Boer. How culturally enriched would places like Tower Hamlets and Small Heath be with this new Multi-Culturalism that the establishment push so hard for. Well we are here to push even harder. Boer refugees are welcome”

When asked about his protest of Marx in Highgate

“Let’s make no mistake, people like Mandela were communists and fuelled by that very cancer. That’s why we have several lads over at Highgate Cemetery where Karl Marx is buried but also where his grotesque statue stands. They are also highlighting the vile lazy weakling he was. Highlighting the venom he spat out and his shear hatred for anyone who wasn’t of Jewish origin. Highlighting the cancerous grip that cultural Marxism now has on western Society that see’s college lecturers regurgitating his poison, that see’s the media abiding by its teachings as though it was some kind of instruction manual. It’s an ideology that has its grip firmly within our society, it’s an ideology that seeks nothing less, like in South Africa – to bring down the white man and destroy its culture and its peoples so one tribe can reign supreme. That’s racial supremacy, not this nonsense about Nelsons Colum. We are also demanding that statue be taken down too”.

“Just like in South Africa, the blacks were and still are being weaponized by the left. It’s exactly the same in the states and here too. The establishment funded Black lives matter spread its cancer here. They have nothing to do with black liberation, they are simply anti police. Apartheid, it simply means apart. All over South Africa white people are forced to be apart while living inside gated communities. So what has changed? People are still very much apart. The only thing that has changed is South Africa is now a lawless society where whites are facing the final stages of a complete genocide. Just like the ANC Black lives matter are simply anti-white, anti-cop and anti-decency. Go and take a walk around here. Step out of this tourist vacade and tell me what you honestly think. Is the future bright and prosperous or is our future the same fate that South Africa and Rhodesia has suffered. Call me what you will Sir but I’m pro-decency, pro-my own culture, pro-law and order and most of all I’m pro-truth”


Take Mandela’s London statue Down! Posters exposing Nelson Mandela as a terrorist hung all over British capital